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2010-03-23 15:45:48 by moldo

Finally got something on NG since cc pong. Another cc related flash but is in the medium of my favorite sport. Motor racing!

Stuff no one cares about

2010-03-10 10:37:20 by moldo

I have been talking to no one on this for ages.

Castle Classics-Pong

2009-06-01 13:12:42 by moldo

ME and JTricks have created hopefully the first of many castle classics games (maybe videos). PLEASE RE COMMEND TO THE CASTLE CRASHERS COLLECTION. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FLASH
Reply to this post to tell me what you think of it


2009-05-25 05:03:31 by moldo

i have more points than eddsworld


2009-05-12 11:38:26 by moldo

I have an ng logo shirt now


2009-03-15 05:47:33 by moldo

I have more medals than the weebl


2009-03-15 05:42:16 by moldo

I am wubbish at flash 0v0


2009-02-22 03:31:22 by moldo

My favourites have changed since the last time i could be bothered to make a post but cucumbers is at the top & has been 4 ages followed by DJ dash in second. But in 3rd is ska'd for life by Jtricks & in 4th is the mind of a hamster which is also by jtricks.

My friends flash

2008-10-22 14:39:12 by moldo

The mind of a hamster

A lesson

2008-10-21 13:56:37 by moldo

A lesson to you all is never give cats nuclear weapons.