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more news on my fave flash stuff

2008-06-12 13:36:50 by moldo

As you can see dads home has gone out of the top 4 and 3 sonic shorts movies are now in the top 4.But none could match the demented cartoon movie at no.1.

news on my favourite flash items

2008-06-01 11:56:03 by moldo

newgrounds rumble has got to the summit of my favourites, just overtakin the impossible quiz 2.
plus the top 7 of my favourite flash does'nt feature eddsworld.

new record!

2008-05-19 11:42:35 by moldo

for the 1st time my top 4 favourite flash movies does not feature eddsworld. but that doesnt mean dont watch them if thats what you're thinking. they know where you live so vote five for all my favourites. also vote 5 for the teanami trailer or i might just use that internet tracking thingy i stole i mean bought from a carboot sale yesterday.

coming soon

2008-04-11 11:27:57 by moldo

coming soon the teanami. A film with an incredibly british villan & loads of tea. Watch the trailer on either jtricks or moldo.